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Hi All,

I’m Haider from Arrivy Support Team.

Several customers have reported an issue with our native Pipedrive integration where they can’t get the Arrivy App Panel to load updated data from their active Arrivy jobs. I have attached a screenshot for your reference below:


We have investigated it on our and found:

  • When the deal is loaded, the information is pulled in successfully.
  • When there are less than three items, it pulls the updated information on the Refresh Data.
  • If there are three or more items, it throws an error.
  • Afterward, only reloading the tab pulls the updated information.


Please find our mutual investigation attached here.

We’d highly appreciate any help on this.


Hey @Haider_Tanweer
Welcome to the community :wave:
Can you share the images for reference? They are not rendered properly here
Also, can you confirm that the app panels are not exceeding the limits stated in

If possible, feel free to send the JSON schema that you use so that I can replicate on my end

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