App rating and information about users

Hi, Team

Is there a way to understand who rated app so that I as developer can contact this user and get more detailed feedback?

When users leave review we receive email about it (but that’s still not enough information inside about user), but when only stars - no email and no information at all.


Hi @Nikolay_Dromov

I am Product manager for the Pipedrive Ecosystem. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

In your post you described 2 different scenarios, I’ll cover both of them.

Review with a comment
Right now you can answer comments directly on the Public Marketplace’s app details page. However, yes, there is not a lot of information about the customer because we don’t want to share it on a public page. We will change it in 2024 by adding this “feedback loop” to the Developer Hub where we will show more information. It is already in the roadmap, but there is no agreed ETA - hopefully this is something we will be able to deliver in H1.

Review without a comment
These reviews won’t be available from our side because if the customer doesn’t leave a comment - they technically don’t “opt-in” into the further conversation. So in this case you can initiate a feedback loop from your side, given that you also have data about your app’s users.

Hi, @Vlad_Deripasko

About Review with a comment everything clear.

About Review without a comment. This is not always the case, there are simply uncommunicative people. And if there was more information it would provide more opportunities for feedback and improving the user experience.

In any case thank you for the information about vendor position

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