Are the custom field option IDs unique across different custom fields?

I wanted to know if we can get duplicate custom field option IDs across different custom fields.

For example, we have two custom fields: ‘Field 1’ and ‘Field 2’.
‘Field 1’ has options, ‘Option 1’ and ‘Option 2’
Field 2’ also has options ‘Option 1’ and ‘Option 2’

My question is whether ‘Option 1’ for ‘Field 1’ can have the same ID as ‘Option 1’ or ‘Option 2’ of ‘Field 2’.

AFAIK this is not possible.

This is based on experience made, while building data-pipelines for my customers:
Each customfield not only has a unique key (as stated in the docs) but also unique values for all options. I observed, that the option-values are counted up, as long as they are predefined (eg. selects, checkboxes).

Maybe a pipedrive-official can confirm this?

Read more about how pipedrive’s custom fields work here.

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Hi @Souvik_Basumatary
What would be the need for that? Just curious :slight_smile: