Attach Activity to Lead

I can’t see how to attach an activity to a lead, is there something not in the api docs like lead_id on the add activity endpoint?

I have answered my own question, I do seem to be able to send lead_id when adding an activity but this is, unless I’m blind or looking in the wrong spot, currently undocumented.
Could someone confirm that this is just a delay in updating docs and not something that I shouldn’t be doing?

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Hi @Ben_Gale! We currently don’t support adding a Lead to an Activity via API, so this is why you found it undocumented. We are gathering requests for this and hope to get it prioritized soon by our dev teams. For now, if you use the way that you found, we cannot guarantee that it’ll continue to work and therefore won’t recommend using it. When a stable version of this has been made available, we will communicate it through our changelog :slight_smile:

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Fair enough. I’m going to use it and hope for the best then because I sort of need to be able to do this. My request would be that it continues to work like this as it seems to work fine :smile:.