Authorize organization


I’m looking to integrate Pipedrive into my software for enterprise communications. I was wondering if there is a way to authorize an organization instead of each user.

The reason I want to do this is so that an administrator can, in my software, connect the organization to Pipedrive and then permit various users to access the Pipedrive integration without authorizing by themselves. I want to eliminate every possible step for the end-user as authorizing via email and password is troublesome enough for some people. It is however the only viable option right now, as I cannot expect users to be technical enough to manage finding and authorizing via their token without assistance.

If this is not possible, I would like to leave a feature request on this matter, as it would be really valuable!

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately no, there’s no company API token that could be used for all User’s in this way. Depending on how you’re running the integration or what needs to be done on both sides, you could possibly do this through Admin User on the account (Admin permissions), but I’m guessing you would need each User to be able to perform operations on both ends?

Thanks for your answer! Conceptually I would have wanted my users that I have permitted to use the Pipedrive integration to control their contributions to Pipedrive through my app without having to set up anything administrative by themselves. We’ll deal with the email/password authorization for now. Thanks again :slight_smile:

This could conceptually be done. Just make sure that the admin of the account installs the integration, and then they could add the Users from your side (if this would work). Otherwise, a company-wide installation is something we’ve looked into, as there is certainly advantages to doing this - but as of yet, not timetable for adding it.