Automatic updating custom field on save deal

Hello, folks. I need to implement next thing. There are three custom fields in the Deals module - two dropdowns and one text field. When user saves deal system must automatically update text field in dependency on values of the dropdown fields. So please tell me how to implement such functionality? Thank you

Hi @Valentyn

There is no certain answer to that as it totally depends on how you implement this logic in your own system. Based on the description it should be possible to do it using Pipedrive’s API.

To update a Deal’s you can use!/Deals/put_deals_id

To update Deal’s fields you can use!/DealFields/put_dealFields_id

Thank you for the answer, but I have another question: As far as I understood I need another domain. The when user saves deal system calls this domain and domain calls pipedrive’s api for adding value to the custom field. Is there a way to avoid using this third party domain? Thank you for answer

Hi @Valentyn

You could try Pipedrive’s Workflow automation, but if your workflow would require more customization you could also try something like Zapier