Automatically log an activity against a clicked phone number

We currently use Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Using the default call handler we can click a phone number against an Organization or Person within Pipedrive and it will open Microsoft Teams and dial the phone number. This action does not log as an activity.

It would seem the default response is to pay for the Click to Call feature. We do not need this as we already have a phone system, the default call handler dials the number. How can we set this up to also log as a call activity. The system clearly knows it is using the default call handler on the phone number.

Can we set this so engaging the Default Call Handler logs an Activity against the Person or Organization?



Hi Jon,

For the Microsoft Teams Phone System I don’t believe this is an option as logging calls as an activity is done via the API so callers such as the Pipedrive caller and those in the Marketplace could handle this as they built their integration to directly work with our API.
For Microsoft Teams Phone System this simply works via syntax (so the call URL is changed to create the call), but there’s no actual connection to your account via either API token or OAuth.

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