Automatically Reassign Call Activities to another agent

We have a call center of 8 staff that call leads that create appointment bookings.

All our leads go into Pipedrive CRM, and sit in a Leads pipeline, Leads Stage.

When a Deal/New Lead is created in the system, a CALL activity is created automatically in the system and assigned to a generic user called TELESALES team.

We want to change the way we do things.

As a new lead is created in the system, we can configure the system to automatically assign the lead to a specific telesales agent.

BUT this means that only that agent can call the lead, so if they can’t get onto the lead for a few days, or the lead ignores their number, we may never get onto the lead.

We want to build a script that runs every night using the Pipedrive API, that:
1: Finds all the Opens deals in the system, in the ‘LEADS pipeline, Leads Stage’, with an Open CALL activity assigned anyone in the telesales team group, and then reassign that activity to another user in the team.
That way in the morning, we will have another telesales agent trying to call that lead, this will help us with contact rates.
It also means that each day, each agent will have their own list of leads to work on.

2: We also want to find ANY OPEN Deals in the ‘LEADS pipeline,Leads Stage’, that have NO OPEN future dated Call Activity, and Create one, and assign it to a random member in the telesales team.
Sometimes the agents call a lead, but then forget to create a future dated call activity to call them again, this means the lead never gets called again.

I can got into more detail, but does that make sense, and can it be achieved through the API.


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I can assist you with your requirement.

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Hi Nick,
What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out on this.
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