Automating Sales

Hi, I want to use Sales automation tools integrated with Pipedrive. Here is what the workaround should look like: I upload the lead list - the sales tool automatically sends out emails to the list in one of 5-6 customized email formats chosen. Then, if the user doesnt respond, a further follow up is sent automatically. We can use various tools that are available such as woodpecker to necessitate the entire workflow. PM me if you are interested.

Hey Gaurav, I went down to your post (it is little dated, however), I would like to chat more.

Sounds like something right up our alley of expertise, Please have look at our recent “Sales CRM”.

I know your requirement is different from Salesoptim and sure, we can explore the woodpecker( If need to integrate with Pipedrive)

Much Regards,
Sandeep & team