Automplete Custom Field Options Limit

Hey there. I can’t find the information about the options limit for the autocomplete custom field.
For single and multi options it is 10000. But can’t find it for autocomplete. Can anyone answer that? Thanks.

Hello @Vadym_Shcherbyna , welcome to the community!

I checked here and the limit seems to be 255 characters:

If the question is about how many previous texts it can store:
Different from the single and multiple options fields that have pre-defined options, this one considers all options that were previously saved for that custom field, performing a search in the background, so it does not have a limit of how many it can look for. But I see on the response that it does have a limit of bringing up to 100 results at a time.

Hi Edmilson_Souza, thank you for the reply. But I asked about the options limit, not about the query string length limit.