Batch/Bulk updates to Persons through API

Hi there,

We have the need to create and update many Persons (people) in one call for a client.

Is this possible? eg. Like Mailchimp:

Anyone know anything more? Are there undocumented ones?

Hi @Courtenay_F,

No, unfortunately we don’t offer Bulk API updating at this time (hopefully something for the future). In the meantime, we usually recommend making use of Webhooks or something similar.

Thanks @David

How would webhooks help?

Hi @Courtenay_F, I don’t think webhooks will help you here & I am not aware of any undocumented batch APIs. For what it’s worth we break batches up into smaller chunks of 5 Persons, then POST those 5 Persons in parallel (so, 5 individual API calls), wait for success/error, then move on to the next set of 5.

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Agreed with @TimM said. In this particular case, Webhooks wouldn’t help. It was more of a method to handle more requests (but not bulk/batch updates).

Awesome. Is it on the roadmap at all @David?

Really good to know and thanks for the insights on how you do it @TimM.

In the roadmap, but no ETA

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