Best way to check n contacts are not already in pipedrive via api?

Good afternoon all,

So we are connected our systems to Klenty and Pipedrive.

Our system will inject prospects into Klenty and Klenty will send out emails in accordance with preconfigured cadences.

But, before we add a prospect to klenty we want to double check that the email or domain is not already in our instance of pipedrive so as to not send cold emails to existing clients.

Out system will work on batches of 100 a day per sales person. So for 3 sales persons, that would be 300 new prospects into klenty per day.

What is the most efficient method to check that a batch of 100 contacts are not already in pipedrive?

Each batch will have an email and a domain name to use as identification.

A lead in our pipedrive may only have a company or may only have a person, or both, and can be entered by a sales person on the road. So in otherwords may have a domain or email or both.

Looking at the API, it seems there might only be 2 ways, either pull all data from pipedrive then cross reference. Or, go 1 by 1 through all 100 in a batch and use the search routes (it didn’t look like would post to a search 100 email addresses).


Any of the pipedrive dev team got a best practice on this one?

To spam or not to spam the pipedrive api :slight_smile: ?

Hi @John_Carmichael
Thanks for being patient and for describing everything in detail. Your analysis of the possible ways is right.

However, I would like to understand a few things:

  • What’s the volume of data that you have in Pipedrive?
  • How frequently are the contacts being updated?
  • Whats the expected number of Salespeople and how fast is it expected to grow?

Depending on these factors and the type of authentication you use, you can call the API as long as you don’t breach the rate limit