Best way to filter Org query by Owner?

Hi there.

New to Pipedrive API, but finding most things are working as expected.

But one thing I can’t seem to get working: get on Orgs filtered by Owner

I’m trying this, but not returning results:


I’ve double checked the UserId several times to make sure its valid. Tried others as well.

I’m guessing I don’t quite understand this itemSearch/field query.

If not the best way to get Orgs by Owner, what would be the best way?

Get all organizations with a filter_id would be “brutal”…

thanks in advance,

Hello Dennis,

Here’s an example of how you would build the URL to reflect this parameter: /organizations?user_id= 2922287&first_char=a

In this case I am filtering by owner_id and first char.

Hope that helps

Thanks Daniel!

That definitely works.

Do you know if the /itemSearch/field enpoint is simply “broken”? Curious why I couldn’t get that working…