Best way to track conversion of deals through the pipeline

We are wanting to track conversion of deals in the pipeline.

The challenge we’ve got, is that sometimes deals skip a pipeline stage or two, so that makes it more difficult as well.

I’ve also noticed in trying to create something similar in the past for a client, that it worked best to have a date value custom deal field corresponding to each pipeline stage, along with a workflow automation, where it added the date that the deal entered each pipeline stage to the corresponding deal custom field. That provided a better ability to track dates and conversions, however I was hoping there was a simpler way to do this for another client of ours.

I’ve seen reference to the following and tested those endpoints, however the results don’t appear to look right:
Get deals conversion rates in pipeline (/pipelines/{id}/conversion_statistics)
Get deals movements in pipeline (/pipelines/{id}/movement_statistics)

Has anyone else put time into getting this set up before? Hoping that this is something someone else has done a whole lot of investigation and testing for, so I can learn from what you did.

I look forward to any insights or suggestions. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback. While we look into this, we believe that the following wiki might be useful