Blocking high volume traffic

Effective from: November 22, 2021

What is changing?

In order to protect ourselves from online attacks, users abusing our system by not respecting our rate limits and keeping up the high volume of traffic despite getting the 429 response code, will also start getting the 403 response code. When getting the 403 response code, the answer will be an HTML error page informing the user that one’s access has been denied:

Why is it changing?

This improvement is designed to prevent undesired loads on our systems from misconfigured API integrations or abuse. Our goal is to protect the Pipedrive infrastructure and make our service more reliable to users not busing our system.

Who is affected?

Please note that this improvement will not impact the vast majority of users, even if there is heavy usage of our API. If you are impacted by this, please review your integration and remove any misconfiguration that might lead you to be blocked.

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