Breaking change in POST /deals and PUT /deals/{id}

Effective from November 10, 2020

Endpoints directly affected:

What will change?

We’re adding additional validation to POST /deals and PUT /deals/{id} endpoints for visible_to parameter.

In Pipedrive, admin users can set visibility groups and permission sets. Visibility groups are used to categorize users and dictate what entity they will be allowed to see. Permission sets dictate what actions the users in the account are able to perform. To see and set the visibility group of the entity through the API we have the visible_to parameter.

If one tries to set the wrong visible_to value when requesting POST /organizations , PUT /organizations/{id} , POST /persons or PUT /persons/{id} endpoints, they will get the 403 response code. We’re adding that same additional validation to POST /deals and PUT /deals/{id} endpoints.

See more info about who is affected and why this change will happen in Changelog.

Will visible_to continue to be optional (i.e. if omitted, visibility will be set to the default visibility setting of this item type for the authorized user)?

Hi @Lee_Fogel, yes this will stay as it is.