Breaking change in Products endpoint and webhook

Effective from: November 22, 2021

What is going to change?

The response structure to PUT v1/products/{id} prices property will change. The prices property will be sent as an array of objects instead of an object. This change will also impact the webhook updated.product response payload as its response structure will change in the same way as the endpoint.

Sample response structure after the change:

"add_time": "2019-12-19 11:36:49",
"update_time": "2019-12-26 13:35:17",
"prices": [{
  "EUR": {
   "id": 1,
   "product_id": 1,
   "price": 5,
   "currency": "EUR",
   "cost": 2,
   "overhead_cost": 3

Who is affected?

  • API consumers who strictly check the response structure of the PUT v1/products/{id} endpoint.
  • Apps or users who either check themselves or use a tool to check the payload structure of updated.products webhook.

See the full post in our Changelog!