Breaking change in the behaviour of future activities

Effective from August 15, 2019

There will be a breaking change in PUT /activities/{id} and GET /activities endpoint.

If future activities ( due_date and due_time in the future) have been marked as done, those activities’ due_date and due_time have been overwritten with the marked_as_done_time. This behaviour will be changed. Starting from August 15, the due_date and due_time will remain as they were initially set, different from the marked_as_done_time.

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Makes sense!

I have two questions.

  1. You write it as "marked_as_done time", while what exists in the GET today is “marked_as_done_time”. I guess this is just a typo. No name change will be made, right?

  2. Today the marked_as_done_time is not exposed in the POST endpoint. Is it possible to set it though, or is it always the same as the add_time if done is flagged when the activity is added (POST)?

Hi @torsdagshjaelte,

Thanks for the catch! Yes, that was just a type which I changed.

For the second question, " is it always the same as the add_time if done is flagged when the activity is added (POST)" - yes, if flagged done when added it will always be the same.


Great, thanks.

Can the marked_as_done_time be set explicitly through the API, or is it always connected to the latest actual done event? I’m thinking of the scenario where one would like to edit the value or add an activity that was made and completed in the past.

Hi again,

I think I answered the original question slightly wrong.
If the marked_as_done_time is not added to the body of the POST (when the activity is Done) then it’s the same as the creation date/time, but yes, you can add marked_as_done_time to a POST activity (when Done) to specify completion date/time.

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