Breaking change: new note size and notes per deal limits

We are introducing two new limits to Notes API: the maximum note size of 100 kB and the maximum number of notes per deal as 50. The goal of the limits is to safeguard our system from potential misuse and excessive load.

Effective from: November 15, 2023

See the full post in our Changelog

Do these limits also apply to users in the UI? And if we have 50 notes on a deal, will deleting one of them mean we can add another via API?

Hello, @Bryan_Rogers and welcome to the community! :wave:

The answer to both of your questions is yes: these limits will also apply to users in the UI and deleting a note means that another one can be added.

Let us know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


@Helena_Sul Is there a way how to increase those limits? In our business, deals take up to 2 years before they are closed and we could have > 50 notes during this time.

I second @mraska’s question: can the limits be increased on a case-by-case basis? We have been using the notes as a sort of event tracker for the customer’s actions throughout the lifetime of the customer. So most customers eventually reach more than 100 notes.

Hi @mraska and @yoran :wave:

Thank you for the questions and feedback!
We did revise these limits upwards, actually doubling them from 50 to 100, so wondering if this solved the issue for you already?

If not, I’d propose as an alternative to consider adding notes under an Organization (or Person) linked to your deals, as the note count limits don’t apply there, to allow catering for account management type of activities, which could reasonably span many many years.

Also noting that attachments/images won’t count towards the note size limits, so 100kb limit is almost all text (+ some small amount for formatting).

Alternatively for documents that won’t require a high amount of in-application editing, you might want to consider uploading them as Files instead.

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Unfortunately I hit the 100 limit.

Good to know that the limit does not apply to Person’s. That could be a workaround. It would involve quite some work on our end though to migrate, as it means we have to create all the existing Deal notes on the Person, and then delete all the old Deal notes. We want to keep things clean for our people using Pipedrive.

So ideally we can raise the limit for our account. I’m sure you had your rationale for imposing a limit, but it does cause a lot of friction for us, and unnecessary as I don’t think we’re abusing it (most of the notes we attach are one sentence or two sentences so < 1 KiB).