Build client portal using Pipedrive API


We are looking to build a client portal, where they can log in to see the customers they have referred to us, and see the progression of their deals.

We want to use the Pipedrive API, building a login functionality and extracting out relevant information.

Also, require the ability for clients to upload attachments and add notes as applicable to deals.

We have reasonably short timelines, so if you know of anyone in Australia who could help it would be appreciated.


Hi Stephen,

Probably the quickest way would be to have a Wordpress instance and integrate with Pipedrive.
For instance they could upload files, etc. and in the backend links could be saved automatically in Pipedrive.
Please give me a call on 0431500119 if you need any help with this. I am based in Australia.


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Yeah a complete custom build on a short timeline would be very expensive as you would need an engineer with a lot of free time.

I’ve never used this but have had a lot of people recommend PostAffiliatePro to me and I believe their API will play nice with Pipedrive so a custom integration should be possible.

We are currently evaluating them with the company I am with so I can let you know how it goes if you want!

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