Bulk Messaging / SMS Integration - bulksms.com

I am looking to find out where we can find integrations so that the bulk sms software that we utilise with bulksms.com will integrate with Pipedrive so that no communications are lost.

Please advise if this is possible, or if there is something similar that Pipedrive has already identified that we could utilise, that does integrate with the system?

Our texting app www.SalesMessage.com integrates into Pipedrive. However, we don’t offer bulk texting yet, but it’s coming in the next month or two.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response.

So I am assuming that we are unable to look at integrations with bulksms.com?

I will discuss with my team and client. Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,


We are our own platform that does texting.

If you’re looking at only using bulksms.com, it does seem that LeadsBridge will connect them to Pipedrive so you can look into that as well.



Easily integrate Bulk SMS API via SMSala using their sample code snippets available in more than 11 programming languages.

Or you could ask your bulk SMs provider to provide sample API code snippets. Your developer should be able to easily integrate with those.

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