Bulk Update API for organisations and contacts

Hi there,

I want to use the API to bulk update all organisations and contacts once a week. Is this somehow possible?

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Hi @ninamorgenstern
Welcome to the community :wave: !
Currently, it is not possible to update organizations and contacts in bulk via the API directly. However,

  • You can batch them in your runtime with an HTTP library of your choice (still these calls happen individually).
  • Or push update operations to a queue and make the updates on Pipedrive by consuming from the queue & processing them individually (Of course, based on the rate limit settings of the plan :slight_smile: )

I am curious about your use case.

  • How many update operations do you expect per minute? (Also check out Rate limiting)
  • Can these operations be split and made event-driven? (So that we overload neither the sender nor the receiver)

Hi @Hem,
Thank you for your answer! Currently, I am updating about 1200 organisations and 1200 contacts (all data that is in out account) once a week with a simple spreadsheet upload, but I want to automate the process. Do you have some resources on batching or queuing the requests?


Hi Nina,

If you have a SQL Server license, I would recommend you check the commercial COZYROC SSIS+ library. It contains adapter for Pipedrive and you can create a package for the requirement you have described. When you test and develop from Visual Studio, no license key is required.