Call outcomes frustration during migration to Pipedrive

Hi guys!
I’m quite frustrated with the Call logs API functionality. I’m migrating now the team to Pipedrive and got stuck with the calls import. Outgoing calls are our main communication channel - I have thousands of calls to migrate.
We have a set of call outcomes that I replicated on Pipedrive.
However, I have discovered that I can only import the following call outcomes:
connected, no_answer, left_message, left_voicemail, wrong_number, busy
To add more, ‘connected’ is not in the front end, so when looking at the call in Pipedrive - it has no outcome.

Therefore, I can only add calls with negative outcomes:
no_answer, left_message, left_voicemail, wrong_number, busy

Is there any quick solution (including workarounds for this)? Except for the call subject - I’m already using it. I mean limited to call outcomes - not other fields.

Also, I’d like to build automation based on call outcomes (only can use Single select for this - not the free form Subject). Are there any foreseeable improvements to CallLogs functionality?

Hey @Andrei_Panciuc
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I see that you have already tried some workarounds to navigate this challenge. I’ve reached out to the concerned team to see if there are other ways to accomplish the same. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Hem
I’m looking forward to any possible solution.