Calling an external API from Pipedrive

Hi there,

Is there any way from within Pipedrive’s UI to set up calls to external APIs? For example if a certain event occurs, to trigger calling an external API and sending information from Pipedrive to that API.

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Hi @gnownairb
Welcome to the community :wave: :slight_smile: ! Unfortunately, this is not possible from within Pipedrive UI. However, you can achieve this with a combination of Pipedrive Webhooks + APIs. You could either use IaaS products like, to achieve such setup.

However since you mentioned this

I am curious to know about your use-case. Is it like a sync or just a fire-and-forget call ?

Hi @Hem

Thank you for your reply and explanation!

It will be a fire-and-forget situation as Pipedrive will be the source of truth and that information should not change after it leaves Pipedrive.

Hey @gnownairb
In that case, it should definitely be possible to achieve that with the combination of the above products.
But I would like to add that there are different ways to achieve the same outcome. I captured some of them here

If you have SQL Server license, I would recommend you check the commercial COZYROC NoW module. You can implement webhook handling with it and then use the commercial COZYROC SSIS+ library to do the API handling.