Can I get the User_ID if I have the user email?

I see there is a ’ Find users by name’ end point and I was hoping to get the User_ID returned in the response when I pass in the user email as a parameter. But all I got in the response was a validation that the email belongs to a pipedrive user.

Is there a better way to get the USER_ID when the only information I have about the user is their email address?

Hi Mike,

You only have the email address? Are you accessing it through an app or something similar?

You can use GET/users to get IDs, but you would need more than just an email address.

Yes I am creating an app where a portion will require me to surface a list of deals associated with the user. To do that the endpoint utilizes a filter by userID.
I understand that there is an endpoint that provides a list of ALL users and their info, but I would prefer to have a more targeted endpoint where I can provide some unique (email) and receive the info related to that 1 user.
GET/Users was just returning me a TRUE value I didnt see any additional user info returned

You should be able to return the ID from GET /users or GET /users/find, but you will need to have the users:read scope enabled.

If this is the case and you’re still not getting the data, can you show me an example of the response you’re gettin?