Can I make automations using code?

I’m already sick of the Low code automations (and I started yesterday).

Can I configure automations using code?

Plus the Spanish translation is confusing.


There’s another solution … use Make. There’s pre-built connectors (or what we call “Apps”) for over 1,700 SaaS solutions (including Pipedrive).

Interestingly, for any given App, the most frequently used connection is with the App itself - ie Pipedrive to Pipedrive. The extra benefit is that you can then use the same automation platform for internal AND all external automations.


Very interesting, I didn’t know, I imagined that the automation in the editor gets converted to a script in pipedrive, I’d love to edit this script, and debug it!

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I still doing automations with the editor and I still don’t like it.

I’m generating an automatic activity to the deal and then I want to promote the deal once the activity is finished. Makes sense I think I’m going to do this a lot.

How should I reference the activity I created automatically to be the one that promotes the deal? Now I’m doing it with the type, stage, state, and even the string of the topic of the activity. Doesn’t feel right at all. Could I just set an special property to set: “this an only this activity triggers the automations”?

For sure in Pipedrive the automation somehow gets converted to code, cant we access this code? I want to debug, copy paste and see the automations! I’m a developer! :crazy_face:

Well, you can add an identifier to the activity - that will differentiate the manually created activities from the ones you need as a trigger.
Automation 1:
Creates the activity, with the title “[A1] Activity title”

Automation 2:
Triggered by Activity update
Condition: Activity title includes “[A1]”
Action: Update deal fields → for the deal of the activity

Does this help?

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Yes, it helps.

But I hope they are introducing more code-like ways to do automations.

Well, @David_Gurr_Make suggested - you can use - it’s much more flexible.