Can I set Marketing consent via the API?

I want to have a contact form on our website with a checkbox “Click here to subscribe”, which would set the Marketing value in the contact to “Subscribed”. Is this possible?

Anyone any ideas about this? I’ve been told that you cannot set this option via the API because of GDPR. How then are we meant to integrate subscribe and contact forms on a website?

Where does the “Martketing” section come from?

I assume it’s related to Pipedrive’s new email marketing system.

@bbdev you are correct, the functionality comes from the new Campaigns add-on. As it’s currently in Beta we’ve not documented the API endpoint as changes to the endpoint will happen. More statuses will be rolled out in few weeks. It’s possible to use this endpoint, but you will need to make sure that you follow updates when we release it to the public.

thanks for the awesome information.