Can we apply styles to the web forms or send one request to add a deal through APIs?

We have our own design for the web forms, but it seems we can’t apply more styles to the web forms, for example, just change the text to white, we don’t want dark mode, it will change the input to black.
I was trying to apply styles to the iframe, but it seems doesn’t work because it’s cross-domain, does anyone know some tricks? Or it’s just impossible.
I was also considering add a deal through APIs, but it seems we need at least three requests(need add company), is there any way we can just send one request to add a deal?



In regards to web forms from my end cannot say much in terms of hacks or tricks. But in regards to the deals API, by design you need to have a company or person affiliated with said deal in order to create it. So at the very least it’s 2 requests in order to create a deal.