Cannot create App Action or Panel against an App

When trying to create an App Panel or Action against a draft (private) App I get “We couldn’t submit your app. Please make sure all form fields are filled in correctly.”.

Inspecting the XHR request, the error that comes back is:

{"success":false,"error":"ips is not iterable","data":null,"additional_data":null}

I have filled out all required fields so not sure what’s wrong here. Is someone able to take a look please?

Edit: Forgot to mention that this is on a Sandbox account, if that makes a difference.


Figured it out, I had put some local-only URLs in the App Action/Panel (i.e. project.test) and of course PipeDrive isn’t going to be able to reach these from its own backend. I’m guessing part of the validation for this form must involve doing some DNS lookups hence the IPs error.

Closing this

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