Cannot create Recurring Subscription over the API

We try to create a recurring subscription over the API, which dos not work. We send the following json with postman

  "deal_id": 55,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "description": "PlanId plan-c-1_chf_yearly Quantity",
  "cadence_type": "yearly",
  "cycle_amount": 693,
  "cycle_count": null,
  "start_date": "2022-02-01",
  "payments": [],
  "infinite": true,
  "update_deal_value": true

To the URL: https://[company]…

The Deal dos exist it was created over the API too.

we tried different variations with the parameters but we could not make it work

we get the following response:

    "success": false,
    "error": "Not Found"

After back and forward with the support we figured out that in this special case the general API endpoint is required:


Dose not work:

Hi @Bytebender
Thanks for sharing the solution! I see that it is kind of similar to

Let me follow up with the engineering team to get this situation fixed :slight_smile: