Change in behavior of 4 bulk DELETE endpoints

Effective from March 1, 2021

What will change?

Four Pipedrive API bulk DELETE endpoints will be limited to deleting up to 1000 items per request.

The requests made against the following four bulk DELETE endpoints will be serviced slower than before. The processing speed will be based on the number of items being deleted and the worst case scenario being at most 20 seconds for a request with 1000 items .

The change affects the following four API endpoints:

  • DELETE /activities
  • DELETE /deals
  • DELETE /organizations
  • DELETE /persons


We are making technical improvements in the backend to increase the reliability of features reacting to changes made to entities. Examples of those features include Workflow Automation and Webhooks. In the current state, in rare cases when performing large bulk deletes, a reaction could be lost.

The bulk deletes will be done asynchronously in the background by going through items 1 by 1. This will make it possible for all related features to react to changes in a reliable way.

Find more about this change in our Changelog!