Change in the availability of webhooks for apps

Effective from: May 5, 2021

What is changing?

Apps that are creating, fetching, and deleting webhooks as a part of their functionality will start to only be able to see and delete webhooks that the app itself has created. This means that starting from the change date, an app can see and delete only webhooks that have the type set as type='application'.

This is done to protect and maintain a separation of admin privileges to manage users’ webhooks and applications’ webhooks.

Who is affected?

Every app that has functionality that relies on receiving any other type of webhooks besides 'application, e.g. 'general'.

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I was wondering if you guys can confirm something about the new change.
What will happen to our app’s existing webhooks? Can we set the type='application'? I don’t see any API endpoints in the documentation that might allow us to do that. Will the type of the exisiting webhooks be automatically updated the 'application'?
Similarly, for new webhooks created by our app, will the type be automatically set to 'application'? I noticed that in the Create Webhook API endpoint , there isn’t an option to specify the type parameter. so we can’t update the type using Create Webhook endpoint.

Please let us know. Thank you for your help

Hey @shaheerhussain!

All webhooks that the app has created or will create have the type set as 'application' by default. Your app will continue to be able to create new webhooks, delete and update old ones that have that type.

You can see the type of the webhook in the response body of the GET /Webhooks endpoint. It’ll look something like this:

“status”: “ok”,
“success”: true,
“data”: [
“id”: 3,
“company_id”: 9,
“owner_id”: 9,
“user_id”: 9,
“event_action”: “merged”,
“event_object”: “deal”,
“subscription_url”: “”,
“is_active”: 1,
“add_time”: “2021-04-21T09:27:18.000Z”,
“remove_time”: null,
"type": “application”,
“http_auth_user”: null,
“http_auth_password”: null,
“additional_data”: {},
“remove_reason”: null,
“last_delivery_time”: null,
“last_http_status”: null,
“admin_id”: 9

That’s great, thank you for the confirmation!

Have a great day

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