Changelogs from custom_fields

Is there a way to find all updates that have occurred in a specific custom field based on persons as parameters?

I tried using the API, but all I received was information about my fields and the latest update for each person, without any specific details about updates in the desired field.

Hello, @gustavo.vieira :wave:

I would suggest the GET /v1/persons/{id}/flow endpoint with some modifications. If you set the all_changes field to 1 (to show custom field updates too) and the items as personChange, you can filter out the custom field updates about the person, e.g.:

            "object": "personChange",
            "timestamp": "2023-09-04 10:24:24",
            "data": {
                "change_source": "app",
                "change_source_user_agent": "...",
                "field_key": "59326ab9bd6bd7...",
                "id": 112,
                "is_bulk_update_flag": null,
                "item_id": 1,
                "log_time": "2023-09-04 10:24:24",
                "new_value": "My new value",
                "old_value": "My old value",
                "user_id": 12345,
                "additional_data": []

Let us know if you have additional questions!