Changes to timeline-fields returned with organizations fetched from /recents endpoint?

I’m using Stitch app to connect Pipedrive data to our data warehouse. This was working fine but started failing late last week. This is apparently caused by a /recents api query that parses organization changes expecting fields named timeline_last_activity_time and timeline_last_activity_time_by_owner.

I’m unable to find ANY use of these fields in any organization-related API responses using my account.

Does anyone recognize where these come from? Are these potentially custom fields that have been deleted somewhere?

Here’s the issue with more technical details on the failure from the Stitch App side:

Hi @cayleyh
These are Database table fields but wouldn’t appear anywhere in UI or in public API responses. These are used to calculate CT frequency order based on last activity time.
From the Github post, it looks like required fields there have been removed - does the integration now work for you?

Yes it works now. I’m curious how it ever worked though. Was there a change that removed them from the API or anything?