Checkboxes and Radio-Buttons on the website


Component library (checkbox-group) describes Checkboxes and real Radio-Button for Embedded-Actions on the website. We did not find an analog custom fields. We want to present values directly in Organizations and Deals with custom-fields on the website. Some Values are On/Off Values. Ideally we want to presentate this with an green hook and a red X like

grüner haken und rotes kreuz

How we can show a Yes/No Value at the normal website? If there are no custom-icons possible, how can we use a checkbox or Radio-Button-Group outside the “Embedded App action’s modal”?

We know that we can use a single-option-field. But this in in standard empty and not “no” and not so intuitive for the users.

Regards Bertram

Hi Bertram,

Unfortunately we don’t offer this type of component library at the moment, but I’ve forwarded your query to our team and we’ll add it to the Product board.

Hi David,

thanks for that quick reply. I’m new on pipedrive developer-community and so I did not know the timeline for those changes.

Can you estimate the time for this? Next days or more in a few weeks?

We want to go live at first of May and it’s not uninteressting if we can expect with that type of custom-field directly at the start or later at a second or third milestone.

Hi Bertram,

I’m afraid there’s no timeline for when or if this would be implementing. It’s more that this idea will be added to our product board to potentially be added in the future.

Dear David,

are there any news for this topic from product-board?

Hi @bertram

I checked your original question, and if I got it right, you want to show on/off values for some custom fields in the Organization/Deal details view.

As the component library you mentioned can’t be used for details view (only for embedded app action), what do you think about having a single option field with only one option (option depends on the field)?
If value is not set, it’s “off”, if value is set it’s “on”



Hi mykhailo,

as we descried in the original post, we know the single-option-field. But for a good and directly presentation of data for our employees this is not so intuitive. Labels with there colors are very intuitive. But looking if there is a Yes or No (or worse case noting) at a field is not intuitive.

And “None” is not present with “None”, it’s present with an empty value in the list-view and at details.

We think that a custom-icon for a single-option-field could also solve this issue generally. Did there is a possibility to use custom-icons for every single-option-value? So we can use the green-hook and red x we post at the top.

Also a Custom-Label-Field with letters and colored background with the option to choose only one option can solve this challenge essential better than the actual single-option solution …

Regards Bertram

Hi @bertram

Did there is a possibility to use custom-icons for every single-option-value? So we can use the green-hook and red x we post at the top.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible.

Labels with there colors are very intuitive

Did you consider using app panels?

In this example, the status field is a label field with colors. Also a filed can have an action (to change a value for example), more about this here.