Click To Call do Deskphone

We would like to do a click to call to our Grandstream deskphone.

We can add the following in Piepdrive “Phone number link syntax”[number]&account=0&password=admin

And the link is executed and the number dials, but:

  • piepdrive opens a new link!! to the above URL…
  • every phone has a different static Ip address…

How can we do this in pipedrive as our client dont want to use softphones.


Just letting you know that I am researching into see if this can be done.

Most of our previous telephony runs through either softphone or via a click-to-call setup. Checking to see what Grandstream offers in this regard

For you 2 points:

pipedrive opens a new link!! to the above URL…

  • What are your browser settings here? The call syntax is set to call a source, but if it’s within the browser, there’s not much of a way around this

every phone has a different static Ip address…

  • This I really can’t think of a way around. The call syntax is fairly basic so offering a different static IP address for each phone… hard to do.

Hi David

mhm. every user could have a field for Phone IP address.

so in the tel URL you could a variable like [USER_PHONE_IP]

should be easy as the user is logged in…

SO instead of tel you could use something like:


the request could be in the background as curl or whatever request.

with that, you could immediately provide click to dial support for all desk phone models out there

without funky chrome/safari/IE extensions…

just a thought :wink:

Cheers and happy days


Hi David,
This should be easy to fix.
Instead of having a company wide ‘Default calling method’ in settings, this just needs to be user specific as each user has a different IP handset with a different IP address.
We use Yealink handsets that are connected to a hosted PBX. This link works fine in your settings but whenever anyone in the company clicks on a number, it initiates a call from my IP handset.

Thanks for your feedback on this Graeme. I’ll forward this to our engineering team to see how feasible it would be to add it to the roadmap.