Click-to-call from Pipedrive Mobile app


I’ve rechecked the resources about API, webhooks, and some telephony apps from the Marketplace.
Unfortunately, there is no API or webhooks to provide the click-to-call option as a third-party developer on the Pipedrive mobile app (the user can either call through the mobile carrier or use the Pipedrive Caller feature).

Both of the cases (mobile carrier call or Caller) don’t fit our clients, as they want to manage the calls with the help of CallGear in one interface (have all call recordings and statistics from one PBX solution).

Is it possible to add our app (CallGear) as one of the default applications for calls (so clients can choose the default app in the call settings)?

Could you kindly advise of any other solutions for the problem?

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Hey @Service,
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AFAIK, there is no way to customize click-to-call behavior in the mobile app. Can you share further details on the platform (iOS / Android) ?

An alternate option is to have a custom dialer installed as an app on the device.

Thanks for the feedback!
Firstly, it is very important to have this feature on iOS.

What do you mean by a custom dialer? We already have CallGear app that enables calls from mobile (here is the link).

Thanks for sharing the platform details @Service
I have forwarded the feedback to the concerned team :slight_smile:

With Android, there is an option to show the dialer before the call is made.

Hello there,
Thanks for the feedback.
We tried to apply the settings according to the instruction on the Android (One plus, Android 11). The phone has Pipedrive mobile app and the CallGear mobile app installed.

Expected behaviour: when the customer makes a click-to-call in the Pipedrive app the call starts in the CallGear app.
Reality: when the customer makes a click-to-call in the Pipedrive app the call starts in the default android caller. Kindly check the screencast (link)

Is there any other possibility to set the Pipedrive mobile app to make click-to-call through the CallGear app?

Thanks for sharing the screen recording @Service
Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to invoke custom click-to-call behavior from the app. However, I have shared the feedback with the concerned team :slight_smile:

I am curious to know if setting CallGear as the default dialer in Android would work as an alternative?

That’s a pity. Is there any approximate time when the concerned team may develop this option?
Unfortunately, there is no option to choose CallGear as a default dialer in Android. I’ll check with the tech team and try again. Hopefully, that would work, and if it would - I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the prompt answers and your help!