Click to call in Pipedrive

I need help with API integration to trigger calls using my telephony platform. here is a link to my API:

By clicking on a phone number in pipedrive, it should call telephony API. Hence it would be great if someone can guide me to exact API for a click to call integration.

Hi Anuj,

I’m not able to give you particularly technical advice on this, but through Settings > Company Settings > You have the option to customize the Call-to links to work according to what you may need.

As for other Phone Solution apps, most of these make use of a Chrome Extension to integrate phone numbers into a telephony platform.

Hi David,

Thanks for the revert. I’ll explore Chrome Extension option. Is there any click based API’s in Pipedrive so that I can take required actions ? I’m planning to pass phone on click to a Google sheet using which I can trigger my telephony API.

You could try App Extensions

Hi Anuj,

Did you get this resolved?

I have something on the way which may be helpful.



Hi Kurt,

Thanks for the follow up. No, I’m still searching for a way to solve this problem. Let me know if there are other solutions to achieve this.

I will be releasing a dialer/SMS app for Pipedrive to beta testers in the coming weeks.

At the moment the only integration we have is to Android but I am looking to include other integrations once we get it released.


Exotel has been discussed but we have first thought that integrating with clients such as Bria might be better.

Im working on integrating 8x8 Virtual Office with Pipedrive. Currently Im stuck with implementing Click 2 call functionality. I figured out that by using Company Settings > we have the option to customize the call links. I can send the [number] to 8x8 VO url,but I also need to send the Entity Id of the Contact along with the number for 8x8 VO to dial the number. Is there a way to send this ID ?

Thank you for the information.
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