Click to call New tab or popup

I am currently developing an API integration for phone calls. We already have a phone webservice to make the calls, with URL. But the “click to call” button redirects the page to the same tab, which can confuse our costumers. Is there a way to open a new window, popup or tab without changing the current page?

Hi @GillesW should do the trick"", "Pipedrive CRM", "resizable,scrollbars,status")

More here - Web APIs | MDN

Thanks for the reply,
Sorry, I think I dont express myself correctly… Im trying to use Custom Calling App for the caller, where you set a URL of your choice. Using your solution doesn’t work for that.

Hi @GillesW

If I got it right this time, you’re referring to redirect URL in the marketplace app

if so, this behavior can’t be changed.

It is this field where you set the default calling App.

@GillesW to my knowledge it’s not possible to change this flow.

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