Complete PipeDrive Client in C#

Hi all
is there any Complete and updated Pipedrive Client for C#.
Two present on GitHub are not updated from years…

Or is available Swagger File for API to let me create directly my client?

Thank you

Hi! As you said, the ones that are online right now don’t seem very active…

We do have a Swagger file :slight_smile:
Here it is:

If you are planning on building a new one, that would be really cool.
We could even list it on our Developers’ Corner.


I’ve taken one of these and updated to add the functionalility I need. If I get a chance over the next few days I can put it up on github.


I’ve created mine from scratch (.NET Standard), inspired by Octokit.NET.

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Nice :slight_smile:
Are you planning on adding OAuth support?

Feel free to open an issue if something is missing :slight_smile: