Connection between Pipedrive and an other platform

For a client of mine, I need to make a connection between pipedrive and our system ( → dk)

My client wants to following.
His customers synced between DK → pipedrive where the pipedrive id is returned to dk.
His contacts from pipedrive → DK (also with pipedrive id)

As it is not a problem to get data from pipedrive to our system by using your API.

But is there a way to call an third party api to get there data to pipedrive?
If it is not posible to make a third party api connection i have to make it “one” way from DK to pipedrive for the syncronisation.

You can write to Pipedrive via the API as well as read. You just need to use the correct endpoints etc. It’s in the doco.

Thank you for the reply.

I thought already something like that. I thought of something like a cronjob to sync the data and an specific update method to update changes on our side.