Consider adding API route to get all Leads associated with a Person (/v1/persons/{id}/leads)

Would an API route that lists all of the Leads associated with a Person be considered for addition to the API?

There is currently an API route that lists all of the Deals associated with a Person (/v1/persons/{id}/deals), but there’s not one for /v1/persons/{id}/leads.

This would be great to have! My use case would be checking for already open/non-archived Leads for a Person before creating a new one.

Currently, I’m going to have to try using the /v1/leads/search API route, but a term parameter is required while I don’t want to use one (I just want any Lead associated with the person_id I pass).

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Hi @jketcham
Thanks for the excellent feedback :slight_smile: Having the use-case associated with the requests definitely helps a lot! We are currently studying the areas of improvement for our Public API and leads is one of the areas that we would like to prioritize. Right on time :wink: !

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