"conversationEnded" event doesn't work

Can somebody help me, please?

Start using livechat and try to catch event “conversationEnded” on my js script
Trying as documentation says here LeadBooster Browser API

LeadBooster.on(‘conversationEnded’, function(data) {
Its doesn’t work

Also trying change embedded code:
w.LeadBooster.on(‘conversationEnded’, function(data) {
w.LeadBooster.on(‘opened’, function(data) {

w.LeadBooster.on(‘closed’, function(data) {
And all events works correctly except “conversationEnded”
What i do wrong?


Hi! conversationEnded is triggered when the conversation with the bot ends. Can you please confirm that the chat really ended (meaning that the window is not just closed in the middle of interaction)?

Here’s an example video of it triggering properly: Screen Capture on 2024-02-14 at 08-04-41.mp4 - Droplr

If you’re still having difficulties with it, can you please record a similar video showing your code and console output? You can also contact Pipedrive customer support who can escalate the issue, if needed.

Its not working if I’m close conversation with “Close conversation” button