Convert Lead to Deal

What is the recommended way to convert a lead into a deal using the API?

Hello @Ben_Gale

There is no dedicated endpoint for converting a Lead to a Deal, but you can use the following sequence to replicate UI behavior.

GET /leads/<lead id> - get a lead data
POST /deals - use org./person data from a lead for a deal request body
DELETE /leads/<lead id> - if there is no need in lead anymore it can be deleted.

Hello, @mykhailo

A question about working with leads and deals via API.

Through the UI, the user converts the lead into a deal. We receive a new deal via a webhook. But we cannot create a webhook for a lead. And we don’t get a webhook about lead deletion.

How do I know if a lead has been removed when converting to a deal via the API?

Not for this case, how to get remote leads via API?

Hello @a.skibardin

Unfortunately, there is no API yet that would show if a lead was deleted.

And we don’t get a webhook about lead deletion.

There is a plan to add Lead’s events under Webhooks, but I can’t give any ETA.


We would also request such an endpoint - also an endpoint for converting a deal to a lead