Create a custom field in Notes

Hello everyone
Can we create a custom field in notes object.
As i want to find specific notes using my meta information(created as custom field). is there a way to create one and find using that field.

Hi @Sharad!
Currently, there are no custom fields for notes. The only object you can link to a note today are comments:
But there is no full text search for these comments right now in the API, so I would not recommend using these to find something.
The best trick would be to use the note itself, since you can use the /ItemSearch endpoint to perform a full text search that includes any notes:
For instance, let’s say you add this text anywhere in your note content:

My field: hello

And then you use the ItemSearch endpoint:

GET https://<Your company domain> field: hello

It will return all objects with the notes that have this text.

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Thank you @Edmilson_Souza . i will implement this.