Create activity based on value in date field

I am looking to have an automation that generates an activity x number of days before the date in a field

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Hi @GCreuz
I’m Chris, I’m a developer from Germany.
With my team, we build custom automations for pipedrive (and other systems).

I have a couple questions:

  • With “field” you mean a custom field in your pipedrive account?
  • With “activity” you mean the activity-record for a contact in your pipedrive?
    If I understood you correctly, we can do it.

You can reach me via DM, or check our site:

Hi Chris,

Yes this is a custom field and the value is date
Activity is call and would need to select the assigned user

Hi @GCreuz this could easily be done in Zapier with the correct trigger

Hope you are doing well
would love to help you with your requirement.
Let’s connect and discuss more in detail.

waiting for your response
Thanks & Reg
Skype: live:.cid.f2c84566cabcba14

Thanks for clarification!
We could built this for you, just give me message if you’re interested.


Hi Chris,
To let you know I am working on this fractionally and may not be timely in responding, but I will respond
We are interested, could you provide me a small write up of how this would work for the end user.

  1. who owns the code?
  2. Would we have to log into Zapier every day?
  3. Would Zapier then be another subscription price? flat rate or per seat?
  4. support, how does it look if we need changes in the near future and long term?
  5. How does your billing structure work?

Good day

Our team has a great deal of experience with this exact problem. In my personal opinion, the absence of date-based triggers is an important omission in Pipedrive!

We have several mature solutions to the problem. Though it is possible to use webhooks and custom code, I would strongly recommend that you open an account with (formerly Integromat) at $9/month.

We propose to then use your Integromat account in conjunction with appropriate custom-fields in your Pipedrive account.

Our work would be a one-time cost, and the price will vary from as little as $350 to $900 (possibly more) as a function of the complexity and the volume of automations that must be configured.

You control the accounts. You have no ongoing costs. We can generally complete a project in as few as three days, after you provide detailed instructions.

If you are interested, I invite you to please schedule an exploratory on-line meeting using the following link:

Thank you for your consideration.

Joseph Valenti

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