Create application for all users of a company

I have created an application and when I install it it is only installed in the current user, and I have to log in with another user to install it in that user.
Is there a way to make the installation of an application be installed on all users of the company, that is, I install the application on the administrator user and it is installed on all users of the company?

Hello @antonio.lao , welcome to the community!

There are 2 features that can help you with this:

  1. Using admin acess
    If the app is installed by an admin (it’s possible to request Admin permission in the scope), that installation may have access to any object via api, regardless of the owner. In a sense, you can make the app work for the whole company when it comes to API and Webhook access.

  2. Sharing app extensions
    There is a feature you can enable by request, that allows an admin to install the app and share it with all users in the company. It means that the installation will still be owned by that admin, but the app will appear as installed in everyone’s apps list, and the app extensions, such as panels, floating windows, and so on, will appear for everyone as well. You can read more in this article:

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