Create (daily) email summary of notes added to a contact

hi there - I’m new to webhooks and APIs, but am willing to figure my way through things. Here’s what I’m looking to achieve:

send a daily email, containing something nicely formatted (a table for example), with this data from the Pipedrive website: contact name, organization, and newly added note for that contact (since the last daily summary)

I would be OK with not a daily summary but just a single email each time new relevant data is posted on the Pipedrive website. If that solution is easier, then I’m all for it.

My team uses the Office suite. I tried following these instructions:
Get started with actionable messages via connectors - Outlook Developer | Microsoft Learn

but the payload from pipedrive doesn’t come through for some reason on the Microsoft end. I did test with “” and it works on there… Not sure where the issue is coming from.
Then even if it would come through, how would I format it in a nice way once in the Microsoft end?

Should I drop the idea of webhook and should I instead explore the idea of an API?
Should I be trying to use a Power Automate Flow? Are there good templates for me to start from?

I’m a bit lost as you can see… any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @kevinf
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Webhooks are a really good starting point to listen to person and note events which could gradually build your daily summary / instant notifications.

Thanks for linking the resource. The way I see it, Outlook expects the input to be in a particular format whereas Pipedrive emits webhook payload in an entirely different format.

Were you able to do this mapping or transformation? this could be achieved either using no-code tools to transform Pipedrive to Office suite’s format or directly through code :slight_smile:

I’d say webhooks are good for listening to changes that fit your use-case nicely. You could also use the APIs to periodically check for new changes (not as efficient as webhooks). Or perhaps, you can combine both depending on the logic.

I am not entirely familiar with Power Automate. But it seems like an IPaaS platform capable of doing transformations and calling the respective endpoints. I’d recommend that.

Let me know if it helps