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Estou tento esse retorno quando eu bato no endpoint:
Retorna isso:
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Onde que eu crio esse conversation_id na Documentação não deixa claro isso.

I’m getting this return when I hit the endpoint:
Returns this:
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Where I create this conversation_id in the Documentation does not make this clear.

The conversation_id can be any unique identifier you are using for the conversation, it needs to be provided by your service.
Can you share the request you made to reach this response?

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Data sent by payload

Hey, let me explain what is happening here - the issue is that the conversation_id you provided was not found in our database, so we are trying to fetch it first from your app using getConversationById manifest endpoint.

This error means that the conversation with id 98 was not fetched from your app. Is it possible that you accidentally sent an incorrect conversation_id?

Hello, José, how are you? I actually don’t have this conversation_id in my application. What I would like to know is how do I register a conversation_id in your database?
How do I register a conversation on Pipedrive?

Hey, actually you cant register it on your own. We are calling the manifest endpoints (getConversations and getConversationById) to get the conversations from your app in some cases

  • when you register a new channel (POST /channels) we use getConversations to sync initial conversations
  • when we receive a message from you but we do not have the conversation_id (POST channels/messages/receive) we use getConversationById to sync the conversation

Good morning, how do I synchronize these conversations? Which route do I use? What does my application need to send to pipedrive to trigger this synchronization?

We need a route to validate this timing before uploading the application.

Hey, the channels api docs is here. More about messaging integrations and manifest can be found here. Implementing messaging extensions is here. There should be all the info you need.

Following my previous post, you can not sync the conversation on your own, we are doing that when you create a channel or when you send a message to us and we do not have the conversation.