Create template of a pipeline

I want to modify a pipe to our needs and be able to save it as template, so that when we create the next many pipes we don’t have to modify all of them.

Hi @ibrene,

We don’t currently have any template options for Pipelines, but I can forward your feedback.

I would say that the main reason for this is that Pipelines should ideally be quite different from each other and the reliance should rather be on filtering within a Pipeline rather than creating a new Pipeline.

I have though in creating several identical pipelines - one for each of our segmentation/interest groups, all this to have a simple overview of overall progress?

Is there another way to handle and keeping track of progress of individual interested groups? Also where we can have an easy overview on the dashboard

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I believe this was a feature in the past where you could just duplicate a Pipeline, not sure why it changed.

If you need someone to simply mass create pipelines and get your data flowing to the correct pipeline, I could probably help with that.

If you are interested feel free to reach out to me!